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Birthday In A Box Gift Set Theme Ideas

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If you're looking for an easy way to plan and execute the perfect birthday party for a friend or loved one, consider purchasing a birthday in a box gift set. These sets provide you with everything you'll need to create a memorable day of celebration. 

You can use a birthday in a box set to plan a party for both kids and adults of all ages. The boxes are convenient, and may even save you money since they feature everything from decorations to sometimes even treats. 

Birthday in a box gift sets will allow you to completely customize the celebrant's special day. Use their personal preferences, such as favorite colors, decorative designs, patterns, foods, sports teams, and hobbies as inspiration when picking out the best box. You can also choose a birthday in a box gift set according to a person's specific age.

The boxes are typically sold at party supply stores, and they're also available for purchase online. Online may be the way to go if you're seeking a hard-to-find box, as there are more options available. 

Here are some birthday in a box gift set theme ideas to get you started:

1. 1st Birthday Box

If your son or daughter is celebrating their 1st birthday milestone, you can create a themed party using a 1st birthday box. Since different types of boxes may be available at various price points, decide on what you need and what you already have on hand.

For instance, this box may include tableware, such as paper plates, napkins, and a disposable tablecloth featuring the number 1. You can also further customize the box by choosing one specifically for a baby girl or boy, and possibly even by themes, such as dogs, cats, or ice cream cones.​

2. Princess Birthday Box

Treat a young child in your life to a princess-themed birthday party. A themed box may include tableware with princess, horse, castle, and crown designs, as well as pink or purple balloons. You can also go with a famous movie princess theme.

The box may also include themed invitations and thank you notes, party favors, pinatas, cupcake holders, or cake decorations.

3Zoo Birthday Box

A zoo-themed birthday in a box is ideal for boys and girls of all ages. It's particularly perfect if the celebration will actually take place at a local zoo. The box may feature all birthday party basics, but with a zebra, lion, bear, and other types of zoo animal patterns.

Guests can choose favors based on their favorite zoo animals as a personalized take-home treat.  

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