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Why You Should Invest In Runner Rugs For Your New Home

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Did you recently move into a home with hardwood floors? Are you looking for different types of carpets or rugs to change up the decor in a favorite room? If you'd like to add a rug or two to your house and you want to stay far away from the wall-to-wall carpet that's installed permanently, one option you might want to look into would be runner rugs.

Runners Are Long and Narrow

A runner rug is typically long but not that wide. They are great for specific spaces where you might not be able to fit a more traditionally sized rug or carpet. Runners can also be crafted from top-of-the-line materials or feature fancy designs that call attention to the space.

Runners Are Great for Hallways

One of the most common spots you might see a runner in someone's home is a long hallway with a hardwood floor. Runners are narrow enough to fit in the hallway and long enough to cover most of it from end to end, assuming you seek one out with the measurements you need. They can provide a bit of cushioning and comfort when walking barefoot or in socks early in the morning or after your day is over.

Runners Are Great for the Entryway

It's also fairly common for a homeowner to use a runner rug at the entryway to the home or somewhere else close by in the foyer. The rug can serve as the first piece of decor people will see when they enter your home. But it also serves a practical purpose because people can take their shoes off on the rug and leave them there instead of tracking something into the house onto your hardwood floors or onto the wall-to-wall carpet you might have in a different room.

Runners Can Add Color or Bring It Together

If you have a narrow space that seems kind of dull and you'd like to add a pop of color, a runner can be an efficient and possibly inexpensive way to add a bit of life to the space. You could also use a runner as the final piece of decor if you find one that is a perfect match for your furniture or artwork would help bring it all together.

Runners Are Easy to Move and Maintain

Installing runners are pretty straightforward and simple compared to wall-to-wall carpet or even other types of moveable rugs. You can easily vacuum or spot-clean a runner with no issues, and when it's time to move the runner to a new spot, it should fold or roll up quite easily for you.

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