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4 Things To Consider When Buying An Engagement Ring

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Getting engaged is a special time of life. Pledging your love and commitment to another person is a serious thing to do. If you're purchasing an engagement ring, you should know what to look for beforehand. This will assist you in getting the highest quality ring possible for your budget. 


The size of the stone in the ring you select is referred to as a carat. The carat size will vary greatly, and the one you choose is typically based on your budget. Larger stones will usually get more, and you can expect to pay an average of $3,500–5,500 for a one-carat diamond ring.


How clear the diamond you purchase can dictate the quality. The clarity of the diamond is based on of the inclusion of number flaws it may have, and the various types are listed below:

1.    SI – This abbreviation stands for slightly included, and this is one of the least clear of the diamonds.

2.    VS – This indicates a stone that is very slightly included.

3.    VVS – A rating of this type indicates one of the highest possible when it comes to the clarity of a diamond, and the flaw is nearly impossible to detect unless you are a trained professional.


The way a diamond is cut measures the workmanship that has been put into the diamond. The actual cut of this stone type will provide the amount of sparkle and shine it may have.

The cut of a diamond is rated as the ideal, which is the highest possible rating, fair, good or very good.


You should consider the precise color of any diamond you're purchasing. There are various ratings for the color of the stone and these range from D–K.  A stone that has a rating of D is rare, and it has the clearest color of all.

Additionally, the rating of E and F are considered to be exceptionally good, while G and H look fine to the untrained eye. However, a color rating of K will show more yellow in it than the others and has the lowest rating. 

Before making this significant purchase for the engagement ring for that special person in your life, you should be well-informed on what to look for beforehand.  Doing so will help you to have a better shopping experience and one that make take less time to find what you need.