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How To Turn Your Deck Into A Whimsical Retreat

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Do you wish you had a place where you could relax and feel like you're on vacation without having to travel across the country or even across town? When you turn your deck into a whimsical retreat, that's exactly what you get. Follow these tips to turn your deck into a relaxing place that's perfect for curling up with a good book or sipping margaritas with your friends.

Mount a canopy or awning over your deck.

Your deck retreat will be a lot more appealing if it's shaded. Have an awning hung from the side of your house to shade your deck, or invest in a small canopy that sits on four legs and can be placed directly on your deck. Choose the material for your awning or canopy wisely. Something made from metal or hard plastic is going to feel too clinical and formal for your retreat. You want an awning or canopy made from water reeds, rattan, canvas, or another natural material.

Hang a couple of unique wind chimes.

One secret to developing a nice deck retreat is engaging all of the senses. To engage your sense of hearing, hang a couple of unique wind chimes from the edges of your deck. The variety made from bamboo is a nice choice, since these tend to emit a relaxing, quieter sound than wind chimes made from metal. Try to choose several wind chimes with various sizes, so they make a range of notes. (The note emitted by a wind chime is based on its size.)

Border your deck with potted flowers.

To engage your sense of smell, line your deck with some potted flowers. Make sure you choose a variety that not only looks full and lush, but also has a pleasant scent. Good choices include:

  • Dianthus (pink or red flowers with lush, grass-like stems)
  • Gardenias (plush, white flowers with a well-known scent)
  • Nicotinia (star-shaped white flowers with large, soft leaves)

Install a water feature.

To add that last special touch, install a water feature on your deck. This could be a simple, enclosed-unit fountain or a more complex, custom-built waterfall feature placed to the side of your deck. The sound of trickling water can create a relaxed, easygoing feeling that will turn your deck into a true retreat. Birds visiting to drink from the water will also add ambiance.

With the tips above, you can create a deck space that makes you feel like you're stepping away from the stresses of everyday life every time you visit it. Start small, and add to your deck's features over time to make it more and more luxurious.