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Twins Take Home Outfits: Suggestions And Tips

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Lots of expecting parents get excited when picking out their "take home" outfits for baby because they know that, in just a few short months, they'll be dressing their own precious newborn and taking him or her home for the first time. For parents of twins, it's possible the experience of picking take home outfits is doubly exciting—and also doubly difficult. There's a lot to think about when picking out your babies' take home outfits, including style, size and whether or not the outfits should match. These tips and suggestions can help.

Go Small, then Smaller

Baby clothes sizes vary by weight and age of the baby. "Preemie" is the first level and offers the smallest clothing sizes, with the next size up being "newborn." A typical newborn baby will generally fit in the "newborn" size group, or may be too large for newborn clothes even from birth. However, multiples tend to be born early (about 60 percent for twins) and thus born small.

You won't be able to predict your babies' sizes from birth, and to complicate matters, there's a lot of variation between clothes within size categories. One brand of clothes may make very small newborn outfits, while another brand's sizes may run large. In other words, there's no way of knowing whether or not your babies will be born fitting in the "preemie" sizes or the "newborn" sizes.

To ensure that your newborn twins have clothes that fit to bring home from the hospital, pick out several possibilities, including some in "preemie" sizes and some in "newborn" sizes. Vary the brands of the clothes to ensure that all your bases are covered.

Coordinated, but Different

Parents of twins love to pick outfits that are "coordinated but different," meaning they have matching themes or cuts, but come in different colors or have different details.

If you know ahead of time that your babies are identical, it may be tempting to dress your babies in identical outfits. While cute, this practice can create stressful situations for new parents. If at birth your babies look so identical that they're hard to tell apart, dressing them in identical clothes will make quick identification of each child an impossibility. Dressing your new babies differently will help prevent you from mixing them up.

Keep it Simple

With two brand new babies to care for, you're going to have your hands full. To reduce stress and make dressing your babies easier, keep your babies' first outfits simple, especially if you've never been a parent to a newborn before.

Look for outfits that have wide open necks, no buttons and few or no snaps. Avoid outfits that snap at the back unless you've handled many newborns before, as fastening clothes with this feature can be a challenge for inexperienced parents. This will make it easy for you to dress your babies before leaving the hospital, and may help your babies stay comfortable for the ride home. 

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for take home outfits for baby—or babies!