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Bedroom Decorations For The Dog Lover

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Are you the dog lover in your family, or is it your child who loves everything canine? Either way, if you want a bedroom with a dog theme, you'll have a lot of fun decorating it. Here are some ideas to make it really cute.

The Bed - The type of headboard you have doesn't matter at all because it's the rest of the decor that will set the mood.

  • Consider using a plain bedspread in your very favorite color, and then accenting it with dog pillows.
  • You could use something like a Dalmatian print, or whimsical pillows with comical dogs on them.
  • Or reverse things, using the Dalmatian print on the bedspread, and then colorful throw pillows against larger ones.
  • You can even get your own dog's picture made into a pillow. Talk about a cool conversation piece!

The Decor - Anything goes, as long as you love it! Consider buying bedside table lamps that look like red fire hydrants. Keep your eyes open for figurines of different types of dogs and place them on shelves along with framed prints of famous dogs like Benji, Snoopy, Beethoven, and Scooby Doo. Or, select pictures of all the dogs you've owned and include them in the special display. In addition, find book ends, pencil holders, and anything else dog-related to tuck on the shelf along with your actual books. Don't forget the classics like Old Yeller and Lassie.

The Wall Decor - Go bold and have fun!

  • Consider using whimsical dog mats as your wall hangings. That won't be hard to do, even though they don't come with a wall hanger. Simply adhere rope or heavy ribbon to the back of the mat. Be sure to get a strong wall picture hook, as dog mats can be heavy. 
  • Some fun mats include the words Bring a Steak, Daily Agenda: Let the Dog in, Let the Dog Out, or Our Dog Is the King of the House. 
  • You can even order special wording like, If you want to be invited back to my domain, bring steak! Another funny sentiment would be If you don't like dogs, you're in the wrong room, so change your attitude, please!
  • Don't forget the mats that will actually go on the floor. A really cute idea would be to order a dog mat that says Don't Let the Dog Out and place it right outside of the bedroom door. To add humor, have the song of the same name ready to play for times when you know friends are coming over.

Congratulations on creating a truly different and fun bedroom.