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Protect Your Accessories With The Right Jewelry Box

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Jewelry can make or break an outfit. They accessorize your outfit so you are ready for a black tie affair or a day of shopping with your girlfriends. Protecting your jewelry in the right jewelry box can help your pieces stay ready-to-wear for much longer. Here are the three things you need to look for when you wonder where to buy jewelry boxes of high quality.


The best jewelry boxes are made from wood. Wooden jewelry boxes or armoires insulate your collection with a constant temperature. Wood also helps prevent water or moisture buildup from getting in to your case.

The interior of the box should be a lint-free material. Satin and velvet are the most common materials used. However, make sure that your jewelry box has real satin or velvet and not a synthetic material. The real fabric will not tarnish soft gemstones such as pearls.


You need to know what jewelry you have so that you can find a box that fits your compartment needs. If your jewelry collection consists mostly of necklaces than you might be fine with a jewelry stand rather than a jewelry box or armoire. Each necklace should have its own compartment or hanging hook.

A satin covered tube is one of the most effective ways to hold bracelets because it takes up such little space. You could also place your bracelets in the drawers of your jewelry box.  

Earrings are easily lost if you do not have them securely stored in a jewelry box. Keep the post, or back of the earring, attached to your earring when you are storing it. You can either look for a jewelry box with holes for each earring to be stored in, or a box with small compartments for each pair of earrings.


Keeping your jewelry secure is a major part of having an armoire or jewelry box. Security is not only about preventing theft, but also about preventing any of your jewelry from escaping.

All doors and drawers of the jewelry box should close tightly. You should almost be able to hear them click shut. If your box has a top lid you should make sure that the hinges are strong. You want to be able to have the lid stand up without having to worry about it falling down on your hands or jewelry.

Many armoires will have a lock for added security, but you can also find this feature on some jewelry boxes as well.