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Add A Special Note: Turning Photo Matting Into A Wedding Keepsake

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While photos capture a moment in time, they don't give the subjects an opportunity to speak and express their feelings. They also don't allow for captioning by those taking in the picture. What if you could make your pictures speak? What if you could find out what others are thinking about your wedding?

When ordering custom photo framing, individuals choose the right matting or border to surround their pictures. While there are lots of prints, patters, and textures to choose from, the matting also offers a great space for the pictures to have a voice. Here are three ideas for taking photo matting and turning it into something special.

Use Photo Matting as a Guest Book

Ask any married couple and you will find that a guest book is often packed away after the event, never to be seen again. Instead of relying on a book that isn't going to be opened, consider using photo matting as a way for wedding guests to sign in.

At the time of the signing, a bride and groom can place an engagement picture nearby. Every person in attendance can leave a note of well wishes or a simple signature, depending on the size of the matting. Once the wedding pictures are complete, the engagement photo can be replaced by one of the bride and groom on their special day.

Inscribe a Grateful Message to Parents

Brides and grooms often choose to show their appreciation to parents or other loved ones before, during, or after the wedding. An engagement picture will work well if the framed picture is going to be presented to parents before or during the wedding. If the gift will be given after the wedding, the couple can arrange to have a wedding photo added.

Before turning the photo in for custom picture framing, the couple can write out a note that expresses their gratitude to the important people in their lives. For the recipients, the framed picture becomes more than just a gift. It becomes a treasured keepsake they will have for years to come.

Express Appreciation to Individuals in the Wedding Party

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually presented with a gift to show the bride and groom's appreciation for their participation. While there are lots of traditional ideas for wedding party gifts, it is possible to create something personalized for each individual.

Choose a photo that best represents the person's relationship to the bride or the groom. There are lots of different photo ideas to choose from. Find a photo of the bride and her maid of honor during their school years. Track down a photo of the groom and his best man on vacation or out on the town.

In addition to presenting the wedding party with a memory, the bride and groom have the opportunity to express their appreciation by writing on the photo matting. It doesn't matter whether the message is simply, "thank you," or entire paragraphs are written around the matting. The personalization alone makes this a special gift.

Weddings offer a great opportunity for individuals to share an important moment with their closest friends and family. Take advantage of the experience and use it to communication something special with the help of places like Hoosier Highlander. Transform photo matting into a makeshift guest book or use it as a way to communicate to parents or members of the wedding party. This is your unique chance to make your photos speak.