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Fun Ways To Dress Your Baby For Any Occasion

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Does your little angel need a pair of wings? Would those chubby little cheeks look especially adorable as one of Santa's elves? Playing dress up is fun for older kids, but what about the baby? Infant costumes are popular at Halloween, but they can also be used during milestone photos throughout the year. Holiday photos are a great opportunity to show off your baby's cuteness in an adorable costume. Here are some costume ideas that will make your baby's first year one to remember.

Angel: This costume is a classic infant photo prop. A pair of wings and a cloth diaper cover look especially sweet on a sleeping baby, and this outfit is just perfect for anything from a birth announcement to a Valentine's Day or Christmas card.

Butterfly: This is another great option for a birth announcement. Done in the spring, this could be very cute.

Cowboy: If your family loves the rodeo, why not dress up the baby for this event? A little hat and a pair of boots would easily complete this outfit.

Dancer: A ballerina outfit, complete with a tutu, is a staple in many little girls' wardrobes. Why not get an early start, and use a tutu in some of her watch-me-grow sessions?

Elf: Is your baby just in time for Christmas? Why not show off those chubby cheeks in a cute elf costume or Santa hat? 

Flower: Spring blossoms can make for an adorable birth announcement or Easter greeting. A flower costume is perfect for April or May.

Gift: Why not have a photo taken of your baby as the blessing he or she is to your family. a simple bow or even a wrapped box can complete this easy costume.

Jack O'Lantern: Dressing your baby as a pumpkin may not be great year-round, but it is an adorable option for Halloween and fall.

Lifeguard: For a cute summer look, why not adorn your little one with a swimsuit, floaties, and sunshades? This would be especially fun for a June or July birthday. 

Monkey: A sweet hat and a little tail would make your little monkey stand out.

New Year Baby: A party hat and some beads would be a cute way to have your little one ring in the new year.

Princess: Every little girl wants to be a princess at some point in her life. Why not dress her like one?

Queen: A crown and a scepter would make your baby look like royalty.

Rabbit: Bunny ears and a little tale would be a great costume for your little one's first Easter.

Sailor: A simple blue-and-white striped outfit and sailor's hat would be a great option for a fun summer picture.

Turkey: This adorable option would be great for Thanksgiving. A brown onesie and some tail feathers would be a simple, yet cute way to show your little gobbler's holiday spirit.

Umbrella: For an April photo, dress your baby in some cute rain gear and use an umbrella as a prop.

Zebra: Why not commemorate your baby's first trip to the zoo with an outfit to match his favorite animal? An animal costume is also a great way for baby to stay warm during a zoo outing as well.

Having the perfect baby costume for any occasion is a great way to celebrate your baby's first year. Just make sure to take lots of pictures! For more ideas, visit shops like Easley's Fun Shop.