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4 Valuable Items Worth Bringing To A Pawn Shop

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Looking to make some extra money from your personal belongings? A pawn shop is a great place to earn some quick cash for items that you aren't using. Unfortunately, your local pawn shop won't accept everything you bring to the store. This is because most dealers are on the look out for in-demand items with high market value. Not sure if what you have qualifies as something your pawn shop would be interested in? If one of the items you want to pawn is listed below, it maybe worth taking it to your local dealer.


Pawn shops like gold. It rarely depreciates and the demand for the product is high. Finding a buyer for gold is relatively easy. As a result, dealers are confident in transacting with customers who bring in the prized commodity. If you're looking into getting a loan, using gold may enable the dealer to lend you more due to the value of the investment.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments move quickly through pawn shops. Beginners don't want to invest in expensive, brand new instruments without first learning how to play them. Pawn shops are known for having great deals on such items, which can be very rewarding for the buyer and dealer. If you have a musical instrument collecting dust at home, it might be worth having it evaluated by your local pawn shop. Don't forget to bring the case and other extra parts it came with, which can add value to the item.


In particular, branded, luxury watches can yield satisfying returns at a pawn shop. Furthermore, the expensive watch also has to be in top-notch condition. Scratches, missing jewels or dents can quickly depreciate the value of the watch, which may not be favorable in the eyes of the dealer.


Similar to musical instruments, in-demand electronics can be traded for cash. Apart from being in working condition, the item should also be relatively new. Some pawn shops have a cut off year for electronics. This is because old models quickly lose value, making their returns extremely questionable and low. When pawning electronics, it is recommended to bring in any accessories, manuals, remotes or packaging that came with the product.

To conclude, the item you're planning on pawning can either make or break your experience. If you aren't sure about your local pawn shop's policy on high value items, try calling for a general evaluation before visiting the store. Different shops may offer you a different value, so check out various shops such as A J'S Super Pawn Inc, and don't be afraid to negotiate.