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Three Places To Use A Linear Chandelier

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Your local home lighting store carries all sorts of lighting fixtures that you can use in every area of your home, including chandeliers. When you picture a chandelier, you might think of a fixture that has somewhat of a circular shape, but it's important to know that there are several other varieties on the market. One popular option is a linear chandelier, which is long and thin instead of circular. You can expect to see linear chandeliers in several sizes and styles, from classic to modern. If one of these fixtures catches your eye, you'll want to start thinking about where to use it. Its unique shape makes it especially suitable in the following locations. 

Long Dining Table

It's common to have a chandelier hanging above the table in your dining room, but many people don't always think about choosing a fixture that suits the look of the table. While a circular chandelier works well over a circular table, this type of light isn't necessarily the best choice for all tables. If you have a long dining table, you'll want to strongly consider hanging a linear chandelier above it. The length of the fixture mirrors the length of the table, creating a stylish look.


The hallways in some homes can be quite dark, especially if they don't have windows to offer a natural light source. There are all sorts of light fixtures that can work well in a hallway, but a linear chandelier can be a good choice. Not only does the chandelier style add a luxurious quality that you don't always get from other fixture types, but the length of this style also creates visual symmetry with the shape of the hallway.

When possible, try to match the look of the linear chandelier to the elements in the hallways. If you have framed pictures with brushed nickel frames, for example, a brushed nickel fixture can work well.

Kitchen Island

It's common to have a light fixture above your kitchen island, given the importance of ensuring that this space is bright. While other kitchen lights can help to some degree, a fixture directly over the island is always a good idea. If the island is particularly long, you may find that a linear chandelier is a good option. Its shape will not only suit the look of the island, but it will also cast a glow on the island from one end to another.

Visit a lighting store to learn more about residential indoor lights, including linear chandeliers.