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Create A Relaxing Atmosphere On Your Screened-In Front Porch

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If your screened-in front porch is seldom used, transform it into an area where you can relax and enjoy yourself while spending time close to nature. 

Resting Spot

Purchase a hammock for sale that connects to a frame. Place it in a corner that doesn't receive a lot of sunlight. Cover the hammock with comfortable pillows and one of your favorite blankets or sleeping bags. Set up a standing fan next to the hammock so that you remain cool and comfortable each time that you lie down.

Put a small table near the hammock and set a radio or small, tabletop fountain on it. Listen to your favorite songs or the sound of trickling water as you lay back and unwind. 

Entertainment Section

Set up an area to participate in some of your favorite hobbies. A coffee table and small chair will provide you with plenty of space to read books, do puzzles, or play games. If you are interested in wildlife, you may find that being on the porch provides you with the perfect vantage point to watch birds or squirrels through a pair of binoculars. Capture their natural movements by taking photographs of them or drawing pictures in a sketch book.

Make a scrap book to display all of the sights that you view during your free time. You may be encouraged to participate in activities more often or try something new by having a special area to use for your enjoyment.

Dining Area

Prepare one section of the porch to eat meals and snacks in. Cover a small card table with an attractive tablecloth. Place a folding chair next to the table and put a comfortable cushion on the seat. Set a lantern or candle on the table to use when it is dark outside. Purchase disposable plates, cutlery, and a small trash can so that you can clean up quickly after you eat.

Eating on the porch will be convenient after barbecuing food on an outdoor grill or on nights that you purchase takeout meals.  Enjoy the peace and solitude that you may not normally experience when you are having meals indoors. 

Your screened-in front porch may become one of your favorite areas to spend time in after you begin using it. Stepping away from everyday situations for a while can help you feel content and less worried about problems that you have been dealing with.